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All the things you'll need to know to visit, to shop, to live in Oaxaca, Mexico!
This is the place to find what you're looking for if it has anything to do with Oaxaca.
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Repairs Tel: 050
Oaxaca Area Code: 951
Mexico Country Code: 52


To call the USA & Canada direct: dial 001 plus the area code and number.

To call elsewhere in the world direct: dial 00 plus the area code and number.

To call the USA collect: dial 090 and you will hear a recording. You may opt for language assistance or simply tell the operator "Quiero hacer una llamada por cobrar." Give the operator the number and your name and you're all set.
To call long distance direct within Mexico: dial 01 plus the area code and number.

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Guelaguetza Auditorium Auditorio de la Guelaguetza
Macedonio Alcalá Theater Teatro Macedonio Alcalá, Esquina de 5 de Mayo y Independencia
This theater is a fine example of architecture funded during the rule of Porfirio Días, one of two Mexican Presidents to have been born and raised in Oaxaca. The other was Mexico's beloved leader, Benito Juárez, whose statues you will see all over the city.
Juárez Theater Teatro Juárez
THINGS TO DO Please See the "S" Page or Click Here -- SIGHTS/SITES

TOURIST INFORMATION Please Also See the "S" Page or Click Here -- SIGHTS/SITES
We have never found tourist information offices of much help in Mexico aside from providing maps and hotel and tour company brochures. To make the most of your holiday, do a little homework before getting here . If you are coming for a brief time to simply get a "feel" for the place, the local information booths will be just fine.


Magazineline: America's First Choice Since 1974



TOUR AGENTS AND COMPANIES & TOURIST TRANSPORTTransportadora Turistica "Camino Real" S.A. de C.V.
Tel: Your number
Your Cell
Email: Your email
Languages: Spanish and Fluent English
Foreign clients: Yes, from all over the world.
Facturas (Mexican invoices): Yes
Credit Cards Accepted: Visa & MC & AMEX
Owner’s Comment: (Here, you describe your business) Example:I have over 30 years experience in tourist transport. I am registered with the National Tourist Board and am proud to say that there has never been anyone hurt on my watch. I take full responsibility for you from the moment you enter my transport, to the towns we will visit, to the restaurants we will eat at. You will have a pleasant and safe experience while you visit this lovely state. I have even been included in Frommers recommendations of Tourist certified transportistas for over 10 years.
Please note: (Put any additional information here) For Example:Make your reservations by phone or email at least 15 days in advance. I am able to accommodate any size party (the largest one to date was over 300 people) Let me work out all the small details, all I need are your intended destinations and itinerary; you can confidently leave the hotels and restaurants and rest and observations spots along the way to me with complete confidence. I promise, " to be punctual, to care for you, and to guarantee your security; this is my base of success!" 


Adventours Oaxaca, M. Bravo 210-A, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)514-2533
Web Site: www.xochitlan-tours.com.mx

Autobuses turísticos, Mina 505, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)516-5327 or 514-3161 or 514-3152

Caracal Transportadora de Turismo S.A. de C.V., Trujano 212 Int. Hotel Mesón del Rey, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)503-4979

Folk Art Tours
Web Site:

Nicolas German Garcia, Dalla 200, Colonia Reforma, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)502-8566

Viajes Turísticos Mitla, Mina 505, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951) 516-6175 or 516-5327 or 514-3161



Day One (A Thursday) -- Zaachila, Cuilapam and Arrazola
If you rent a car or hire a taxi, or guide (see transport above)you can easily visit each of these places in a day and have an all around wonderful time first experiencing the excitement of a town market with some of the area's best ice cream for a late breakfast snack. Zaachila's market is on thursday though the other two sites may be seen any day of the week. Moving back toward Oaxaca you'll stop by Cuilapam de Guerrero to visit an exquisite former monastery and church. Then it's on to Arrazola, a very well regarded crafts village, for some shopping perhaps and then back to Oaxaca for a late siesta before dinner. Despite the relatively short distances to these sites, it can easily become a long day so you might want to think about picnic supplies before you leave town or take your chances at one of the roadside eateries along the way.


Translation services are often vital in Mexico especially if you run into any situations requiring the services of a lawyer. Finding a good person to provide this service ahead of the time when they are needed is probably a good idea.

Anne Hill de Mayagoitia





Without a doubt this is one of the best airlines in the world -- nice people and excellent service. Mexicana is a partner with American Airlines so you can move miles from one to the other. Whenever you get a chance fly on Mexicana with AA miles. You won't be disappointed.

Charter Flights

Aerovega, Jr., Monte Alban Hotel Alameda de León 1, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)516-2777 or 516-4982

Busses For In Town Destinations

Bus travel is very inexpensive costing only about US .50 per trip per person. Exact change is not necessary, but do try to have a twenty peso note or even something smaller to make things easier. With all of the road work going on, traditional bus stops may be moved. Ask folks where you want to go and where to wait for the bus. If you are going to rely on bus transportation talk to as many folks as you can before you head on out to take a trip.

Busses For Out of Town Destinations

In the city itself there are two main bus stations. The busiest and most chaotic is the second class terminal down by the Abastos market. In years past the station underwent some much needed improvements which made it really rather okay until you made your way outside and took a look at the bus you would be traveling in. Sometimes that was enough to freeze you in your tracks at least for a moment or two. Now all is much improved but for the extreme chaos in and around Abastos. Once you are in the terminal all will be well.

In the north of the city you'll find the other bus station, the A.D.O. This is the first class bus terminal where you will find only long distance bus service to such destinations as Huatulco, Puerto Escondido, Mexico City, Veracruz and more. Here you need to be EXTREMELY careful with your valuables. True experts in parting valuables from their owners thrive in this terminal and once you have lost something there is very little chance it will be recovered. Try not to put things you don't want to lose in an obvious place.


On average taxis in Oaxaca now cost between $25 and $35 Pesos/trip. That translates into under US $2.50 or 3.50 which makes using taxis very reasonable. Most of the drivers are very accommodating, polite and well trained for the job which can't be said of many places in the world these days. If you happen to take a ride with a good driver that seems accommodating ask him what he would charge to take you to one of the out of town destinations you have in mind. It should cost about $120 pesos/hour or about US $10.00. Here are some drivers we think you can have confidence in.

Sr. Díaz,
Cel: 044(951)119-6274
This is a fellow that is cool under fire. I got into his car explaining I had a back injury and despite a lunatic driver honking behind us, he drove in a very reasonable way to get us home in one piece. And, he was a very nice guy!

Cel: 044(951)100-3164
We found this fellow while we waiting for a taxi down by Abastos with our arms loaded. He was a sight for sore eyes! As it turned out he was also a very pleasant person and a good driver. He speaks about 50% English and often works as a driver for guests at local hotels. Give him a call if you would like to travel out of town. He knows all of the destinations you may be interested in and how to get there comfortably.


This is the all time best way of getting around Oaxaca. The city lies in a huge valley surrounded by mountains so most of the walking you'll do in town is on flat streets. If you wish to go hiking in the mountains they are close by and very beautiful.


Traveling in Mexico?
Check out this good web site: www.ourmexico.com
And, if you will be going to Taxco don't miss this great site: www.taxco-today.com





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