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All the things you'll need to know to visit, to shop, to live in Oaxaca, Mexico!
This is the place to find what you're looking for if it has anything to do with Oaxaca.

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NATURAL FOODS Please See the "O" Page or Click Here -- ORGANIC AND NATURAL FOODS



Oaxaca Center -- El Centro
This is the area of Oaxaca most well known to its visitors and it is often called the historic center or centro historico. It has the highest concentration of museums and galleries, restaurants and hotels, shopping and nightspots. If you have time do try to see some of the other neighborhoods as each has a distinct and interesting flavor all its own.

Jalatlaco Neighborhood -- Barrio de Jalatlaco
A community long before the arrival of the Spanish, Jalatlaco (a Nahuatl name) is now a charming neighborhood with its own church, hotels and restaurants. It even boasts a natural foods shop. As you may see in the photographs, Jalatlaco is a very colonial area where much attention has been paid to restoration. If you are staying in Oaxaca for some months, an apartment in this neighborhood might be very pleasant -- close to everything, but somewhat sheltered from the hustle and bustle of city life.
To see the church please click here Templo de San Matías Jalatlaco

La Merced Neighborhood -- Barrio de La Merced


Reforma Neighborhood -- Colonia Reforma
Reforma is a large area with a bountiful mix of residences, businesses, hospitals and clinics, hotels and restaurants. Much of it is an upscale area with modern construction though tucked in here and there are some lovely old homes. It lies on the north side of the city just across the periferico, the busy road that circles the city.


San Felipe del Agua
This is a very small town north of the city that has become a popular residential area for many expatriate residents of Oaxaca. There you are well out of the hustle and bustle of Oaxaca, but at the cost of being some distance from all the benefits of the city. Many of the more affluent families in Oaxaca make this area their home, but most of their lovely residences are hidden behind high walls. To get there It will cost under US $5.00 each way for a taxi and of course less for the bus.

To see the church Click Here -- Iglesia San Felipe del Agua

Soledad Area -- Colonia La Soledad
This is a bit of a rough and tumble mix of working class businesses and residences many of which are interesting if not pretty. If you walk from the zócalo to explore the Abastos Market or to go to the second class bus station, you'll walk through several blocks of this area of Oaxaca.

Xochimilco Neighborhood -- Barrio de Xochimilco
Xochimilco is yet another of Oaxaca's charming old neighborhoods. It has its own church and a market on Friday and Saturday where local producers bring their fresh natural and organic foods.

To See the Church, Please Click Here -- Santo Tomas

To See the Market Please see the "M" Page Markets or Click Here -- Xochimilco Market


Cafe KIOO, García Vigil 409-E Centro, Oaxaca. For live music on the weekends, featuring Oaxacan Artists: click here to see their ad.

Casa de Cantera, Calle Dr. Federico Ortiz Armengol 104, Col. Reforma, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)514-7585 or 515-3768
Guelaguetza Performances -- Oaxaca Folk Dances

La Casa del Mezcal, 2a de Flores Magón 209, Centro, Oaxaca

La Etnobotana Cantina, Reforma 405, Centro, Oaxaca

La Gula, Trujano 417, Centro, Oaxaca
Live music on the weekends

Nereidas, Xicotencatl 111, Centro, Oaxaca

El Olivo, Murguía 218, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)514-6983

Sun Cubano, Tinoco y Palacios 210, Centro, Oaxaca
Live music and karaoke

Tabuko Bar, Porfirio Díaz Esq. con Matamoros 219, Centro, Oaxaca
DJ, karaoke, billiards, dance floor

La Tentación Bar, Matamoros 101 Interior, Centro, Oaxaca
Web Site:











The law in Mexico is naturally different from that in other countries. You will need to see a notario or notary public for any special legal work. This will not be the person in the US who is authorized to validate your signature for a fee of less than $5.00. The title of Notary Public in Mexico denotes a professional with advanced legal training and their services do not come inexpensively. For simple matters you may see a Juez Mixto de Paz or Justice of the Peace. Otherwise you will have to see a lawyer.

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