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All the things you'll need to know to visit, to shop, to live in Oaxaca, Mexico!
This is the place to find what you're looking for if it has anything to do with Oaxaca.

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Dominique Belleza, 1a de Constitución 110, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)501-1811







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There are many beautiful hiking areas in and around Oaxaca. One of them is in the nearby San Felipe Mountains in the picture to the right. Ask at your hotel for a guide or companion hiker if you are alone. Bring bottled water and a small amount of money.



Holidays are frequent and special in Oaxaca as they are all over Mexico. Some of them are wonderful and some may seem quite strange. Some will affect your travel arrangements and some will not. Always check ahead to see if your dates of traveling will coincide with with one of the holidays so that you are prepared for potential delays. Planning on traveling a little ahead of the holiday means you will be here to enjoy it and not on the way here and frustrated.

To get updated very local information on activities and events in Oaxaca please visit this wonderful web site maintained by Oaxaca resident an American expat, Margaret Barclay.


1 New Years Day
Not much happens around New Years except at private home parties.
6 Los Santos Reyes
This is the day of the Three Kings when Christmas gifts are given to children. It is celebrated with punch and piñatas.
17 St. Antonio Abad's Day
This is a day for the annual blessing of the animals.

5 Anniversary of the Constitution
Parades of the local military with bands of musicians pretty much sums up the celebration.
14 St. Valentine's day
Here known as Día de l'Amistad or Día de Novios, Valentine's Day is celebrated much in the same way the world over.
24 Flag day or Día de la Bandera
Flags of all sizes decorate the town. Parades and fireworks complete the celebration.

Ash Wednesday or Miercoles de Ceniza

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18 Expropriation of Petroleum Day
20 Spring Begins
The beginning of spring is heralded throughout the town with parades of children in costume.

30 Day of the Child
In schools and homes there are parties for children and small gifts.


Easter week or Semana Santa
Easter week in Oaxaca is a little longer than a week as it includes the Friday before Palm Sunday in the series of days marking Easter. From years ago, I don't remember any of the self flagellation processions so well known in Taxco, but some do seem to be making their way into the week as yet one more attraction for tourists.


Good Samaritan Friday Viernes de Samaritana
On this Friday, fruit waters are prepared by women all over the city to be given away all day in honor of the good samaritan.


Palm Sunday Domingo de Ramos
On this day as masses are said in the churches in Oaxaca, outside food is prepared and palms are woven into fascinating shapes all of which are for sale.



Please click here to see more of Easter Week in Oaxaca.

Good Friday Viernes de Dolores
On this day altars for the Virgin of Sorrows or la Virgen de Dolores are created and blessed.
In the late afternoon there is also a Procession of Silence (usually at about 6:00 P.M.) beginning at the Templo de la Sangre de Cristo on  Macedonio Alcalá.

Easter Sunday Pasqua


1 Day of the workers Día de Trabajo
Much like the American Labor Day, it is celebrated by taking a day off.
5 Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla Batalla de Puebla
10 Mother's Day Día de las Madres
Flowers will be relatively expensive this week! This is a family day.
15 Teacher's Day Día del Maestro
Children bring small gifts to their teachers on this special day.

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14 Father's Day or Día del Padre
This special day is celebrated with gifts for fathers and family parties often with music.

July is the month for the renowned Oaxacan Guelaguetza festival. It is a time primarily for dance, but all dances require costumes and could we forget music? Some years ago an open air stadium above the city was built for this Pre-Columbian celebration. Tickets are not inexpensive so there is now an alternative Guelaguetza celebration where there is no entrance fee. Whether you opt for the stadium venue or the more local celebration you won't be disappointed.

6 Día del Padre de Jesus
This is a day set aside for God, the father.
31 San Ramon Blessing of the Animals
If you are so inclined, dress up your pet as fancifully as you can and bring him or her along to the Merced church at about 5:00 P.M. for a special blessing. If you don't have a pet with you, come anyway and join in the festivities.

15 El Grito
This holiday is celebrated in the evening at parties large and small. There are fireworks, food and drink, music and dancing all culminating and continuing after the 11:00 P.M. shouting or grito -- be prepared to yell "Viva México" at the top of your lungs along with everyone else.
16 (National Holiday) 1810 Independence Day
This day commemorates Mexico's hard won independence from Spain in the 19th century. Much as on July 4th in the United States here you will see military parades, fireworks and Mexican flags signaling the celebration.
24 Merced Church Festival
This day combines religious activities and processions (calendas) along with music and dancing, food and fun for the children and of course fireworks.

4 St. Francisco's Day
Not surprisingly this is celebrated at the St. Francisco of Assis church beginning with morning music, las mañanitas, and moving on to more religious activities and a food bazaar.
12 Día de la Raza
This is an occasion for the ubiquitous parades of school children and the military.
24 United Nations Day
This day of peace in the world is celebrated with a procession of the town's preschoolers all dressed in costumes of the world's countries.
30 On this day townspeople clean up family graves at one or more of the area's cemeteries.
31 Day of the Dead or Día de los Muertos – for the children who have died
These days are very special and town is almost empty as everyone is preparing their loved ones' graves with flowers and candles and gifts of food.

**Read a story about the Day of the Dead and see more photographs please click here.

**See photographs of Oaxacan Day of the Dead altars please click here.

**See regional differences in the celebrations of the Day of the Dead please click here.


1 All Saints Day or Todos los Santos – for the adults who have died
1 Comparsas night in San Agustín Etla
2 Fieles Difuntos
20 Revolution Day
The celebration of the revolution of 1917 includes parades, fireworks, and sometimes a castillo.



December 1 and ongoing until Christmas
Posadas begin as groups of friends and relatives bring Mary and Joseph to each house to ask for a place to stay. They are rewarded with punch and piñatas.


December 12 Guadalupe Day


December 23
Night of the Radishes Festival Noche de Rabanos

To see the Night of the Radishes Festival in Oaxaca
please click here!

December 24
Christmas Eve Noche Buena

December 25

Christmas Day

To see more of Christmas in Oaxaca click here!

December 31
New Year’s Eve



Please See the "M" Page --




While we can't recommend any of the following facilities, we have heard good things about the care they provide and we haven't heard anything detrimental.

Clinica Hospital Carmen
Tel: (951)514-7545

Clinca Medicinal 2002, Col. Reforma, Oaxaca

Hospital Molina, Esquina de Garcia Vigil y M. Bravo, Centro, Oaxaca



Please also see the "A" page -- Apartments and houses to rent

*Parador Sto. Domingo de Guzmán Suites, Macedonia Alcalá No. 804, Centro, Oaxaca, Oax. C.P. 68000
Tel/Fax: (951)514-2171 or 514-1019 or 514-7187
Email: [email protected]
Web site: http://www.paradorstodomingo.com.mx
Owner: Lic. Javier Bello Fernández
Languages: English and Spanish
Method of Payment: Payment is with cash or traveler’s checks.
Foreign clients: Yes, from the USA, Canada, Europe, South America and Japan.
Reservations: Not required, but recommended for peak season and holidays.
Accommodations: Here at the Parador Sto. Domingo you will find your home away from home with all of the amenities for business or pleasure.Have a swim in our heated pool to relax after an exciting day of sight seeing or business. Our location in the heart of Oaxaca offers you walking distance to any of the attractions and places of interest in this historic city.
At the Parador there is always staff here to assist you. Rest assured that we will take care of making sure that your stay will be relaxing and comfortable and for added peace of mind each suite has a wall safe to safeguard your valuables. The hotel has 16 fully furnished suites each with a complete kitchen, comfortable sitting room and separate bedroom with two double beds. Our suites are especially spacious, being fully the size of a one bedroom apartment. Telephone calls may be received in all of our suites and you will be pleased with the affordable phone rates. Each suite also comes with its own parking space included in the package so you may come and go with the ease of knowing your vehicle will always have a secure and available space.
The Parador is within two blocks of the Sto. Domingo complex so there are ample and chic places to dine nearby. For your kitchen supplies there is also a modern and amply stocked supermarket within one and a half blocks.
The internet is available as a land access point in each suite or by wireless as well.
Comment: Over 90% of our guests return regularly to stay with us. The Parador Sto. Domingo will become your home away from home during you visits to Oaxaca-- let us make your stay convenient, comfortable and secure!


Antiguo Fortín, Carretera Internacional 1227, Col. Ex Marquesado, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)514-8301

Anturios, Priv. De Emilio Carranza 202, Col. Reforma, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)513-0075

Del Árbol, Calzo Madero 131, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)516-1094

Las Bugambilias, Reforma 402, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)516-1165

Calenda, Calz. H. De Chapultepec 521, Barrio de Xochilmilco, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)515-1576

California, Calz. Héroes de Chapultepec 822, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)516-3628

Camino Real, 5 de Mayo 300, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)516-0611

Cantera Real, Libres 404, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)513-1051

Casa de Adobe, Av. de las Etnias, Col. Olímpica, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)520-1321

Casa Catrina, Garcia Vigil 407, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)516-0519

Casa Colón Bed & Breakfast, Colón 312, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)516-7264

Casa Colonial, Calle Miguel Negrete 105
Tel: (951)516-5280
Web Site: www.casa-colonial.com

Casa Conzatti, Gómez Farias 218, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)513-8500

Casa de los Frailes, Constitución 203, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)514-1151

TEL: (951) 132-8203
WEB SITE: http://www.oaxacadream.com

Casa de Mis Recuerdos B & B, Pino Suárez 508, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)515-5645
Web Site: www.misrecuerdos.net

Casántica, Av. Morelos 601, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)516-2673

Casa Oaxaca, Garcia Vigil 407, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)514-4173

Casa Pereyra, Av. Independencia 304, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)516-1868

Casa Sierra Azul, Hidalgo 1002, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)514-8359

Casona del Llano, Av. Juárez 701, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)514-7719

Fortin Plaza, Av. Venus, Col. Estrella, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)515-7777

Gala, Bustamante 103, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)514-2251

Galaxia, 20 Noviembre 605, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)516-0488

Holiday Inn Express, Diaz Quintas 115, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)512-9200

Hostal Casa del Sótano, Tinaco y Palacios 414, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)516-2494

Hostal San Martin, 5 de Mayo 315, Barrio de Jalatlaco, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)515-8079

Hostal de la Noria, Hidalgo 918, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)514-7844

Hostal los Pilares, Curtidurías 721 A, Col. Jalatlaco, Oaxaca,
Tel: (951)518-7000, 518-6999, 518-6998
Web Site: www.lospilareshostal.com

Hostel Don Nino, Pino Suárez 804, Centro, Oaxaca
Web Site: www.hosteldonnino.com

Hotel Angel Inn, Hidalgo 204, San Felipe del Agua, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)133-6128 or 133-6129
Web Site: www.hotelangelinn.com

Hotel Azucenas, Calle M. Aranda (Union)203 Esq. de Matamoros, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (800)717-2540 toll free
Web Site: www.hotelazucenas.com

Hotel Calenda, Calz. N. Héroes de Chapultepec 521-A, Barrio de Xochimilco, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)515-1576 or 515-6896
Web Site: www.hotelcalenda.com

Hotel California, Héroes de Chapultepec 822, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)515-9500
Web Site: www.hotelcalifornia.com.mx

Hotel Camba, Xicotencatl 504, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel/Fax: (951)514-1144 or 514-1155
Web Site: www.hotelcamba.com

Hotel Casa Antigua, 5 de Mayo 206, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)501-1240

Hotel Cazomalli, El Salto 104 Esquina Aldama, Barrio de Jalatlaco, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)513-8605
Web Site: www.hotelcazomalli.com

Hotel Francia, 20 Noviembre 212, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)516-4811 or 516-4120
Web Site: www.hotelfrancia.com.mx

Hotel Maela, Constitución 206, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)516-6022

Hotel de la Parra, Guerrero 117, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)514-1900

Hotel Principal, 5 de Mayo 208, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)516-2535

Hotel Suites Villa de Campo, Macedonio Alcalá 910, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)515-9652

Hotel Virginia, Periferico Sur 205, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)514-2444 or 514-4451
Web Site: www.hotelvirginia.com.mx

Los Laureles, Hidalgo 21, San Felipe del Agua, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)501-5300

Las Mariposas, Pino Suárez 517, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)515-5814

Marqués del Valle, Portal de Claveria s/n, Zócalo, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)516-3198

Misión de los Angeles, Calzo Porfirio Diaz 102, Col. Reforma, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)502-0100

Oaxaca Dorado Calzada Madero 224, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)516-8004

Oaxaca Learning Center Bed and Breakfast, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)515-0122
Web Site: www.tolc.org.mx

Parador Crespo, Crespo 526, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)514-5040

Parador del Dominico, Pino Suarez 410, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)513-9687

Parador Monte Camelo, Garcia Vigil 705, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)514-1151

Parador Plaza, Murguía 104, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)514-2027

Parador San Miguel, Av. Independencia, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951) 514-9331

Posada el Cid, Pino Suárez 903, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)515-1070

Posada del  Marquesado, Calz. Madero 208, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)514-9766
Web Site: www.posadadelmarquesado.com.mx

Posada Don Mario, Cosijopí No. 219, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951) 514 20 12
Web Site: posadadonmario.com

La Provincia, Porfirio Diaz 108, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)514-0909

Real de Fortin, Carretera Internacional Km 545.2, Col. Estrella, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)515-7135

Rivera del Ángel, Mina 518, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)516-6666

San Felipe Misión, Av. Jalisco 15, Fracc. San Felipe del Agua, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)520-0090

Santa Lucia, Crespo 307, Col. Figueroa, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)514-1787

Suites Colibri, Priv. de las Flores 109, Col. Reforma, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)513-6211

Suites Maria José, 2 Priv. Jacarandas 103, San Felipe del Agua, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)520-0171

Vallarta, Díaz Ordaz 309, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)516-4967

Valle de Oaxaca, Díaz Ordaz 208, Centro, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)516-3707

Veracruz, Calzo Héroes de Chapultepec 1020, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)515-0611

Victoria, Carretera Internacional Km. 545, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)516-2812

Villas Ana Maria, Av. México 809, San Felipe del Agua, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)520-2100




HOUSES TO RENT Please See the "A" Page or Click Here -- APARTMENTS & HOUSES TO RENT

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