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Stassi Pefkaros and Kathleen O'Donnell are a company called Krika and a little more....

Meeting in Mexico where we were both living and doing business, we joined forces under the company name, Krika in 1988 and five years later we were married. As life and business partners, we started out collecting and selling crafts from Mexico. We then moved on to live in Taxco, Mexico, where we designed and produced fine silver jewelry, silver ornaments and flatware. Along the way we even mastered the art of web site design.

For many years, we lived and worked in Mexico, but in 2001 we bought a home on the Caribbean island of Montserrat. where we spent several months a year for some time. We've now sold that home and spend some of the year at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. When the spirit moves and time permits we make our interest in travel both an adventure and a source of inspiration in our work.

This Link Will Show How to OrderMany years ago, Trinidad and Tobago became a favorite holiday destination and our books called Adventure Guide to Trinidad and Tobago were born of our fascination with the country and its people. Peru and Bolivia have also become dear to our hearts and a story about one of our visits can be found on Krika.com along with a short and funny story about our quick trip to the out islands of the Bahamas. Along with those stories you'll also find stories of our lives in Mexico and in the small island country of Montserrat. Over the last couple of years we also produced an A to Z guide on our gardens with recipes, healthful hints and as much advice as we have found useful ourselves on how to grow what and where. You'll also find that on Krika.com

Our latest book, Travel Free and Shop Till You Drop, is now available as an Ebook at Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. You may also see it as a an html book at our newest website, GettingCreative.org.

Stay tuned as there is definitely more to come!

Our business website is Krika.com
Our A to Z informational websites are

Kathleen is currently researching and writing a new book, a social history of Taxco.
All Text & Photographs copyright ©K O'Donnell 2009/2010

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