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All the things you'll need to know to visit, to shop, to live in Oaxaca, Mexico!
This is the place to find what you're looking for if it has anything to do with Oaxaca.
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Finding reasonably priced attractive and convenient accommodations in Oaxaca can be difficult, though it has gotten somewhat easier over the years. The Oaxaca Times has listings and you will find an apartment and house rental notebook at the expatriate library called the Oaxaca Lending Library at Calle Pino Suarez No. 519. Many landlords simply hang up a sign with a telephone number at the location they are trying to rent. Keep your eyes open and call immediately. Properties go very fast, especially the few reasonably priced good ones. Maybe our best advice is to talk with everyone you meet; let them know you are looking for an apartment or house and about how long you'll be in Oaxaca. Give them your contact information and cross your fingers!

In most of Mexico, an unfurnished apartment usually means no stove and no refrigerator as well as no furniture. If you have to buy a stove or refrigerator plan on spending about US $400 each for something resembling what you are used to, though you can find much cheaper alternatives. Shop around if you have time because Oaxaca now has several mega stores offering good discounts. There is even a Sam's Club. While having to buy appliances may be a big expense for a relatively short stay, usually you can easily sell them to the next renter.

One other characteristic of apartment rentals in Oaxaca that foreigners might find interesting is that they are listed usually in reference to the zócalo or more recently in reference to the Santo Domingo complex -- the Church, Museum and Botanical Garden. If you will be in Oaxaca for more than a month do consider more outlying parts of the city like Xochimilco, Jalatlaco, Colonia Reforma, Colonia Olimpica or San Felipe del Agua. Each of these areas has some lovely apartments and small and large houses for rent.

Here are some of the rentals we found when we were looking for an apartment in the fall of 2009. We've noted rental prices where we have them, but please be aware that the cost of living in Oaxaca is rising so the rental prices will be as well. It is a starting point in any case in a town where finding a good apartment is a little like finding a needle in a haystack. Good luck.

We would very much appreciate hearing from you to keep this list as current as possible. Everyone will benefit.

Please also note we have not "edited" the list below according to our own needs and preferences. Everyone is different so take a look and see what you find.

Write to us at [email protected]


Maria Teresa Reyes Sánchez Apartments, Calle Crespo 631 (just a few blocks from the Sanchez Pascua Market)Sr. Rafael Ramírez López, Sr. Rafael Ramírez Jocobo,  Sra. Ariadna Ramírez Jacobo,  & Nestór Silva Jaimes.
Tel: (951)516-6648
Cel: 044(951)101-0247
Cel: 044(951)208-2386
Email: [email protected]
Owners: Teresa Sánchez Reyes & Lic. Jesus Reyes Sánchez
Languages: Spanish and some English
Rental Option Descriptions: We have two rental apartments and three in-house rooms each with private bath.
On the second floor with private access as you can see in the photograph to the right, we have a three bedroom, full kitchen (refrigerator, stove with an oven, microwave, toaster and more) living dining area, two bath apartment with huge windows and access to the roof where you will have a wonderful view of Oaxaca's surrounding mountains.
On the first floor we have a one bedroom, one bath apartment also with a full kitchen and all of the above amenities and with access to our garden patio.
Especially for language students we have three bedrooms, each with private bath, in our own home. For those that rent these rooms we also provide meals, usually breakfast and late lunch or the Mexican comida, but we are open to individual preferences.
Owners comment: With our ten years of experience renting to visitors to Oaxaca from around the world, we have grown accustomed and appreciative of individual differences. Let us know what you need and we'll do our best to accommodate you. Please feel free to contact us or to visit and take a look at what we have to offer. You won't be disappointed and you may just find yourself a home away from home.


More Apartment info:

Apartment, Calle Berriosabal # 200 (In Oaxaca Magic School Building)
Contact: Flor Bautista Tel: (951)516-7316;  Email: [email protected]

Apartment, Calle Berriosabal #107, Tel: (951)514-3570

Apartment, a couple of blocks from Sanchez Pascua market, Sr. Gerardo Nivon  Cel: 044(951)119-3529

Apartment, 4 blocks from the zócalo, Tel: (951)501-0214 or Cell: (951)156-8275

Apartment, downtown, Tel: (951)515-8292  Cel: 044(951)198-4415

Apartment, Cel: 044(951)126-3792

Apartment, 1 bedroom, Cel: 044(951)161-6884

Apartment, Calle Guerrero 618, Tel: (951)516-3424

Apartment, Tel: (951)516-4759

Apartment, Calle Crespo, Tel: (951)516-6648

Apartment, Calle Fiallo 801, Sr. Héctor Ramirez and Sra. Lourdes, Tel: (951)516-8536

Apartment, one bedroom, downtown, Tel: (951)134-9493

Apartment, 1 bedroom, Tel: (951)516-2378

Apartment, Cel: 044(951)160-8510 or 143-0836

Apartment, 2 bedroom near Sanchez Pascua Market, Cel: 044(951)198-4415 or Tel: (951)515-8292

Apartment, 2 bedroom, Jalatlaco Tel: (951)515-6713

Apartment, 1 or 2 bedroom, heated pool, internet, $250 US/week and up or special long term rates, San Felipe del Agua Tel: (951)520-1067 or (951)520-2044

Apartment, 1 bedroom, colonial house, 2 blocks from Santo Domingo, full stove Cel: 044(951)156-8275 or Tel: (951)501-0214

Apartment, Jalatlaco, from outside of Mexico Cel: 011-52-55-435-49134

Apartment or House, call in the US Tel: 973-857-3771

Apartments, Tel: (951)516-5056

Apartments, 2 one bedrooms, 3 blocks from the zócalo Email: [email protected]

Apartments, 2 for rent, 8 blocks from the zócalo, Tel: (951)516-9545

Apartments, Quintana Roo 111, Tel: (951)514-2288

Apartments, Sra. Castro, Tel: (951)516-3509

Apartments, Fiallo Apts., web site: apartmentgaleon.com

Apartments, Crespo #104 Tel: (951)516-2204

Apartments, Cel: 044(951)156-2893

Bungalo, San Jose la Noria, Av. Oaxaca 312, Tel: (951)516-0304 or Cel: 044(951)145-6307

Bungalos, San Felipe del Agua, Oaxaca  Tel: (951)520-0356 between 4 and 6:00 P.M.

House for rent, historic center, call Linda in the US at Tel: 612-280-0362

House for rent, furnished, Cel: 044(951)182-7269

House for rent, furnished, Cel: 044(951)117-4795

House and bungalow for rent in San Felipe del Agua, Tel: (951)520-1839


Homes and public buildings in Oaxaca will fascinate anyone with even a minimal interest in architecture. From the severe style of the pawn shop to the monastic pool area of a former convent that is now a hotel each pictured in photographs below, it is all a feast for the eyes. Entire days may be spent wandering the streets of what is called the historic center or centro historico taking in what we like to call eye candy. The photograph on the left gives you just a taste of the details that make this city so magnificent.








For those interested you may also like to see some of the city's churches. Please click here

In Oaxaca even the city streets hold new mysteries as can be seen in the photograph below. Oaxaca has undertaken the renovation and restyling of the pavement in the historic central area of the city. Much has been uncovered that will be the source of extensive study in the future.

Pre and Post Hispanic Archaeological Sites of Special Interest

Cuilapam de Guerrero
Please see the "S" Page -- SIGHTS & SITES – DAY TRIPS FROM OAXACA

Just about a half hour from the city on Highway 190 on the way to Tehuantepec, you'll find signs for this small but interesting site. As with many of the sites in the Oaxaca area this one has significance in its representation of ball players.

Hierve el Agua
Located about two hours from the city, this is a fascinating site.

You'll find this more recently excavated site not too far from Dainzú described above. Lambityeco is interesting because of its association with the production of salt.

Unlike most of the archaeological sites in the area, Mitla is a thriving town today, much as it was so many centuries ago which makes it particularly interesting. Mitla is about thirty miles away from the city of Oaxaca on highway 190 and it is well worth the trip.
The Ruins: The site is not large, but it is fascinating. The entrance fee is under US $5.00 and it is open from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. seven days a week.
Hotels and Restaurants
Hotel, Restaurante y Salon de Convenciones "Don Cenobio," Av. Juárez 3, Esquina con Morelos, Col. Centro, Villa de Mitla, OAX
Web Site: www.hoteldoncenobio.com
Restaurante Bar Doña Chica, Calle Morelos 41, Mitla, Oaxaca
Tel: (951)568-0225

To Visit This Site Just Click This Photo!Monte Albán
This is Oaxaca's best known archaeological site and perhaps its most beautiful. Because it is the most well known site close to the city, less than a half hour away, it also receives many visitors each day. To see it at its best, try to go very early in the morning or in the later afternoon just a few hours before closing. There are a full range of tour and transportation options; you may hire a private guide, take a private taxi or ride with a small or large group on a tourist bus. Our best recommendation if you have the time is to see the site on your own. Wander through and get your impressions of the place. It is remarkable. Then return with a guide who speaks your language to learn more. The entrance fee to the site is about US $5.00 and it is open from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. every day.

To see more photographs of Monte Albán, please click here!

Within an hour of the city this is a site well worth visiting. Traveling on Highway 190 past Dainzú and Lambityeco you'll find signs for Yagul which is a short distance off the main road. This may have been a site connected in some way with the government. Today it offers archaeological explorations and programs for the appreciation of the natural environment of the area, both fauna and flora.




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